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The Crew

Christine Casey, Producer/Director

An actor/producer, Christine studied acting in a 2-year private program while continuing to operate her 13-year-old Santa Barbara-based business, RC Graphics & Consulting. As a producer, she has participated in the creation of original plays with Bug Eye Theater Company, including Significant Others and Oscar's Lips. This is herfirst documentary film production.


Suzanne Bauman, Consulting Producer/Editor

Suzanne Bauman is an award-winning producer/director/writer of more than eighty films, both documentary and drama. She is the winner of the Academy Award of Special Merit and an Academy Award Nominee, has produced series for PBS, and is a recipient of three production grants from the National Endowment For Humanities. She recently produced and directed "Jackie Behind the Myth," a two-hour special on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis for PBS, which was People Magazine's "Pick of the Week.".

Lisa Bevis, Cinematographer

Lisa is an award winning producer/director, specializing in documentary projects that are beneficial to the community. Some projects and awards include The Good House (Award of Excellence, Award of Merit, New Orleans Festival); Veteran's Memorial (2nd place, San Natoa 1997 Star Video Award); and Focus on Glendale (3rd place, Scan Natoa 1996 Star Video Award). In Europe, she held such positionsas assistant director, producerand camera operator for both documentaries and commercials.

Betty Thomas, Project Mentor

As an actor, director and producer, her career spans over 25 years. She has directed such films as 28 Days, Doctor Dolittle, The Late Shift, The Brady Bunch Movie and Private Parts. The experience and support she lends to the project has been invaluable.

Mark Sylvester, Project Mentor

Mark is an entrepreneur, co-founder of Wavefront Technologies (now Alias|Wavefront, the creators of Maya), and co-founder of Mixed Grill, and a renaissance man. In Santa Barbara, he has held leading positions in the Chamber of Commerce, Partners in Education, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the Arts Institute, and is a member of the Chancellors Council, UCSB. His kindness and generosity to this project is both inspiring and highly esteemed.

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