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"Well Rounded" is a familiar story about a group of women who exceeded their own expectations and completely overwhelmed the expectations of their culture. Eleven women were chosen from a group of over fifty volunteers who were required to meet only two criteria: she must weigh over 200 pounds; she must be training to bike in a 560-mile, 7-day endurance biking event for charity.

This film introduces viewers to women they may know in their everyday life; women who have dreams and hopes and oftentimes difficult personal experiences of living inside their bodies. Their bodies represent something our culture is taught to fear. Their bodies are stereotyped into ideas of laziness, ineptitude, stupidity, poverty, and lack of discipline. Their bodies never stopped them from becoming lawyers, business owners, college graduates, wives, girlfriends, or mothers. But the social judgment and prejudice they experienced shaped and often stunted their experience of life.


"…I learned to start loving myself. I'd been taught to hate myself because I was fat, and it took a lot of strength and effort to practice loving myself, and to remember how to do it. It has been a precious road I've been on, and a precious gift I've given back to myself."

"I think I look good. And my husband thinks I look good. And if you don't like the way I look, well, don't look at me."

The personal stories of these women may sound eerily familiar, because so very many women have learned to hate their bodies, to play a constant weight game that has little to do with health and everything to do with a multibillion dollar diet industry.

But these women found their way out, or they're working hard to do so. The only limitations they accept are the ones they find for themselves.

So as they travel with almost three thousand cyclists, biking 70 to 101 miles a day for seven consecutive days, as they climb a total of 17,779 feet of hills and mountain passes, as they coach cyclists slower than them and accept the support of cyclists who are faster, they find that core of themselves that can't be ignored. It defines their spirit. It shines out from them like light through a stained glass window. It reconnects them with their RIGHT to love their bodies and acknowledge their efforts.

"Well Rounded" is 'the happy fat documentary,' it's the story of women who overcame self-hate and deep experiences of shame. It's the story of survival and success and victory in the face of high odds and overwhelming prejudice.It's the story you'll remember.


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