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"Well Rounded," the documentary film about the big girls who tackled a 560-mile, 7-day endurance cycling event, has completed principal photography and is currently seeking finishing funds.

Contact: Christine Casey, producer, 805-403-1190 for more information, interviews with riders, photos.


  • A dozen cyclists, all women size 14-24, are the subjects of this documentary film about plus size women. They range from 27-44 years of age.

  • 11 focus subjects were selected from a pool of 54 riders who qualified and returned our inquiries. These volunteers were interviewed, and filmed during training and cross-training; see RIDERS page on this web site for bios and detail on the cyclists.

  • Most of the volunteers have an intense and varied history of physical and sporting activities, including: SCUBA, surfing, rugby, tennis, triathalons, cycling, softball, and college basketball.

  • The California AIDS Ride, the 560-mile, 7-day event the women undertook, runs along the California Coast line from San Francisco to Los Angeles, California.

  • The film's content confronts widely-held social beliefs about weight and health, athleticism, success, and physical achievement. The women documented not only accepted the challenge to ride from 61 to 103 miles per day, for seven consecutive days; they accepted the challenge of putting on biking shorts and training, preparing for the ride to jeers and shouts and insults from passersby. By taking risks so many women don't take, they also found courage and support and friendship, often in the most unexpected places.

  • The Ride crew followed the riders over the eight-day event, from pre-registration to closing ceremonies, and interviewed other riders, crew and event staff.

  • The team includes: Lisa Bevis, camera operator/cinematographer; Gary Rainer, camera operator; Manuel Nunez, camera assistant; Jeff McElroy, sound; Rena Heinrich, unit production manager; Belkis Cortez, production assistant/driver; Maria Maso, production assistant; Rick Logsdon, graphic designer.

Contact the producer for information about existing coverage (national magazines, television, local papersand television news programs).

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